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 Meticulous in our execution, design and installation!
We specialize in residential renovation and projects which are complex, innovative or otherwise exacting by nature.  We work with a team of master craftsmen who bring our clients visions of a dream home to life.  We are committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction.  We produce projects of the highest quality in a collaborative process with owners, architects and designers. 
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Our group of dedicated installers represents many centuries of building experience. The unexpected is expected in our renovation projects, but it is safe to say that there are very few problems that may arise which we have not seen and addressed successfully in the past. Our goal is to keep your project on time, and on budget, while fully realizing the vision of you and your designer.
Luxury Renovations & Additions is proud to maintain the most rigorous business professionalism. We are accountable to you throughout the process, from securing the best materials and design to itemizing your invoices and performing regular budget reviews. We know from experience how critical transparency is to the agile and efficient management of the entire process.

LRA has developed long term relationships with our professional project partners, architects, designers and have an extensive network of proven building artisans who complement our own in house project staff. 

The art and science of interior renovations is a lifelong passion for all of us at Luxury Renovations & Additions. We live for the challenge and the reward for building something beautiful, useful and enduring.  Most of our work comes from long time customers, repeat work and referrals.

Do you have a special project? One that is important to you? We’re always glad to hear about your unique project, and to share our insights on the work. We welcome your call.